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Simushir Island

Simushir Island Birds-eye View Obtained by ASTER on October 15, 2004

Simushir island is located roughly at the center of Kuril islands, highly elongated northeast-southwest.

It is constructed from a chain of extinct volcanoes form.
First, at the northeastern tip of the island, 7.5km-wide caldera provides the Brouton Bay.
Down south, there is a stratovolcano, Prevo Peak, once also known as Simushir-Fuji.
At the center of Zavaritzki island, a volcano containing three nested calderas is seen.
Goriaschaia Sopka is located within the horse-shaped crater at the southwestern tip of the island.

When the demand of energy increases after the World War II, the coalfields were reevaluated and a full-fledged drilling started.

The Brouton Bay used to be a submarine-base for Russian until the beginning of the 1990th.