Quality Improvements in Version 2

(Example 1) Enhanced ground resolution: The Northern Alps, Japan
The resolution was greatly improved by the new GDEM generation algorithm, from equivalent to about 120m (Version 1) to 70 m (Version 2).

Ver.2 Ver.1
Enhanced ground resolution

(Example 2)
Reduction of voids: High-latitude areas
Voids observed at high latitudes in Version 1 are removed significantly in Version 2 after addition of 350,000 new scenes

Ver.2 Ver.1
Reduction of voids (black indicates data void)


(Example 3)
Flat lake surface: Lake Nicaragua
Lake surface appears completely flat in Version 2 by the new GDEM generation algorithm.

Ver.2 Ver.1
Flat lake surface

(Example 4)
Correction of anomalies: Northeastern part of southern Africa
Anomalies caused due to lack of observation data disappeared after addition of 350,000 new scenes.

Ver.2 Ver.1
Corrected step anomalies