ASTER GDEM is an easy-to-use, highly accurate DEM covering all the land on earth, and available to all users regardless of size or location of their target areas.
Anyone can easily use the ASTER GDEM to display a bird's-eye-view map or run a flight simulation, and this should realize visually sophisticated maps. By utilizing the ASTER GDEM as a platform, institutions specialized in disaster monitoring, hydrology, energy, environmental monitoring etc. can perform more advanced analysis. (See another page,"Application")

For example, in "GEOSS Project*", DEM is considered to be an important platform and thus ASTER GDEM is expected to make significant contribution.

Validation result
The validation report for the ASTER GDEM version 2 can be downloaded here.
Summary_GDEM2_validation_report_final.pdf - the summary validation report
Appendix_A_ERSDAC_GDEM2_validation_report.pdf - Tachikawa et al. (ERSDAC report)
Appendix_B_CONUS_GDEMv2_validation_report.pdf - Gesch et al. (USGS report)
Appendix_D_ICESat_GDEM2_validation_report.pdf - Carabajal (ICESat/GSFC report)
ICESat_tables.zip - a zip file containing tables supporting the ICESat Report

View the validation report for ASTER GDEM version 1

GDEM Viewer
GDEM Viewer (freeware) can be obtained from the GDEM algorithm developer Sensor Information Laboratory Corp.,  GDEM Viewer allows users to perform functions such as displaying location/elevation, contour lines and terrain profile.

Link to GDEM Viewer website (Sensor Information Laboratory Corp.)

T. Tachikawa, M. Hato, M. Kaku and A. Iwasaki, 2011, The characteristics of ASTER GDEM version 2, IGARSS, July 2011.