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Internship Program Summer 2021


Japan Space Systems will have an internship program for ABE Initiative, Kizuna Program and Innovative Asia students in coming summer 2021! Contact us for more information and Application.

Japan Space Systems

Japan Space Systems is an organization supervised by Cabinet Office of Japan and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Japan Space Systems focuses on developing Japanese space industries by space system developments, satellite data utilization and international cooperation. As internship programs, Japan Space Systems aims for mitigating global issues with satellite and GIS data utilization through capacity development and business networking development with Japanese private, government and academic sectors. Japan Space Systems believes that remote sensing and GIS data utilization will be useful for all fields, not only natural resource development, environmental science but also economics, health, social science, etc. Please apply to Internship Program of Japan Space Systems to gain your new possibilities in the future.

Activities for SDGs

Overview of Internship Program (Schedule may be changed because of the infectious issue…)

Period: August 30 – September 10, 2021
Venue: Online (Microsoft Teams)
Capacity: 20 Participants
Object: Internship Program of Japan Space Systems aims to correspond to global issues, sustainable developments by remote sensing and GIS data utilization.
Basic Remote Sensing & GIS (All participants take during the internship)

  • Basic Remote Sensing & GIS Data Analysis
  • Practical Field Survey Training
  • Business Networking with Japanese Comapnies
  • Special Field Survey in Hakone, etc.

Selective Courses (All participants can select one of courses below)

  • Basic Remote Sensing & GIS Course
  • Data Application Development Course


  • Aug. 30 – Sept 03 Practical Remote Sensing & GIS Data Utilization Including Field Survey Practice
  • Sept. 04 Special Field Survey at Hakone
  • Sept. 06 Ideathon
  • Sept. 07 – 08 Class Separation (Intermediate Remote Sensing Course or Data Management Course)
  • Sept. 08 – 09 Business Networking, Special Lecture & Individual Case Study
  • Sept. 10 Final Presentation & Commencement Ceremony
    • NOTICE

      This internship program is for international students at Japanese graduate schools by JICA or other Japanese governmental funds such as ABE Initiative, Kizuna Program and Innovative Asia.

      Contact Us First, We Send You Application

      Contact us first for Application for Internship Program of Japan Space Systems.
      EMAIL: ICD@jspacesystems.or.jp

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