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[REVIEW] Japan Booth 2020


Japan Booth 2020

The 34th Small Satellite Conference was on virtual because of COVID-19 this year. Japan Booth 2020 exhibited online as its first virtual activity.
We had Japanese Tech Show as a side meeting and Special Bsuiness Talks as individual meeting sessions this year. 6 Japanese companies had detailed and special presentations about their products and technologies at Japanese Tech Show. We had about 70 attendees for the Japanese Tech Show. WE also had good talks privately through Special Business Talks. Thank you for joining our meetings!
It was unfortunate situation we had no chance to see you all as face to face, but our online activities were succeeded, and we found another way to adjust for the new normal on business.
Japan Booth 2020

Japanese Tech Show
Japanese Tech Show is now online! Please access videos and contact us! Click title of presentation for watching video!

# Title Company
01 Introducing Takasago Fluidic Systems Takasago Electric, Inc.
02 Compensated design aluminum telescope for cubesat KIYOHARA OPTICS Inc./Crystal Optics Inc.
03 Introduction of our strength and product Interstellar Technologies Inc.
04 Low Thermal Expansion Ceramics for Space Optics Kyocera Corporation
05 Space and Nikon Nikon Corporation
06 Water ion thruster and water resistojet thruster for a CubeSat Pale Blue Inc.

About Japan Booth
Japan Booth is a unique framework to support Japanese companies to sell their products and services and to collaborate with many comapnies in the world since 2016. Japan Booth is conducted by Japan Space Systems
For more information about Japan Booth and collaboration with Japanese space industry, please contact International Cooperation Department (Nakamura-Shinsaku(a)jspacesystems.or.jp).

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