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Japan Booth Launched for Small Satellite Conference 2019


Space Industry and Local Revitalization in Japan

Thank you for another year, Japan Booth to be open at 33rd Small Satellite Conference. As you saw the poster, we all come from all parts of Japan. This year, 6 new talented companies have participated. We love to dream about space, but we love much to calculate, design and develop new space systems, services and applications. Our those activities in all part of Japan will not only integrate space industry but also play a part of local revitalization economically and educationally.
Small Satellite Conference

We Are Seeking Sales Representatives and Distributors as Partners!

# Name Time
01 Amanogi, Corp. 1st
02 Crystal Optics Incorporated 1st
03 Digital Signal Technology, Inc. 2nd
04 IHI AEROSPACE Co., Ltd. 4th
06 Ishitoshi Machining Inc. 1st
08 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd 2nd
09 KYOCERA Corporation 3rd
10 Nippon Light Metal Company, Ltd. 1st
11 Shimafuji Electric Inc. 4th
12 Silicon Sensing Systems Limited 1st
13 Space BD Inc. 2nd
14 Takasago Electric, Inc. 3rd
15 TAMAGAWA SEIKI Co., Ltd. 4th
16 Warpspace Inc. 3rd
17 Yamaguchi Aerospace Cluster 2nd
18 YUKI Precision Co., Ltd. 2nd

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